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What does a RenownSystem Virtual Assistant do for you?
A Virtual Assistant helps you by taking tasks and tasks independently away
proactively and according to an agreement – in good consultation
✔ Key to more Focus and faster Growth
✔ Fast and carefully arranged
✔ No surprises due to clear agreements
Statistic & Analytic
Audit Preparation
Management Consulting

A virtual assistant is actually a kind of personal assistant (PA), who works remotely. Because of all technological developments, working in a physical office is often no longer necessary.

The costs of hiring virtual assistant is cheaper than hiring real staff. After all, your VA does not sit at your office for a number of fixed hours, but only takes action if you give the order!

That makes this virtual assistant extremely flexible to manage. After all, you decide for yourself when you need help for what, when, how and how long. Hiring a virtual assistant is lot easier than arranging a contract for real staff!

Good. You are convinced of the benefits of a Virtual Assistant, but what do you do next? Then it is important to bind a reliable, highly qualified and professional virtual assistant (s) to you. RenownSystem can help you with that.

Because of our many years of experience in offering VAs, we have developed an impressive pole and nose for talent. Talent with often a secretarial, financial or IT background who takes care of all kinds of back-office and administrative tasks for our clients.

Only the best VAs is put to work for our customers. So that our customers no longer have to multitask and can focus on what is really important to them. Together we ensure that the work is done well and with pleasure. At a fraction of the costs that you would otherwise have spent on staff.

  1. 160 HOUR FULL TIME: A service par excellence suitable for entrepreneurs who cannot yet estimate the number of hours of assistance that is required. For a fixed amount of $960 per effectively worked 160 hour, you will receive professional assistance when you need it. Your requests are dealt with within 24 hours and you receive support via e-mail ([email protected]), telephone (+1855 865 0391) and WhatsApp.
  2. 80 HOUR FULL TIME: A basic start ideally suited for start-ups and every entrepreneur with too 4 hours in the day. For a fixed amount of $560 per month, you receive 80 hours of assistance per month. Your requests are dealt with within 24 hours and you receive support via e-mail ([email protected]), telephone (+1855 865 0391). This subscription is ideal for starting entrepreneurs who have no idea what their future will be. However, with a minimum number of hours you are still assured of an extra pair of hands in the event of unexpected crowds.
  3. 40 HOUR FULL TIME: Our professional plan is perfect for the busy professional who wants to get his extra business done. For a fixed amount of $320 per month, you will receive 40 hours of assistance per month within 24 hours of your requests. Your requests are dealt with within 24 hours and you receive support via e-mail ([email protected]), telephone (+1855 865 0391). This type of subscription is ideal for entrepreneurs who are just on their way and could use some extra help. With enough hours to take over all those annoying jobs from you and with enough freedom to possibly do something yourself. You can also easily switch through or switchback, if necessary.
  4. Executive: The Executive plan is perfectly suited for the seasoned and experienced entrepreneur. For the fixed amount of XXXX Rs per month, you will receive 32 hours of assistance and a 10% discount on additional work. Your requests are handled with high priority and you receive support via e-mail (from your own mailbox), telephone (own number) & WhatsApp. This most extensive subscription is ideal for companies and entrepreneurs who can use a lot of support. After all, with a maximum number of hours you are assured of a lot of work that will be taken out of your hands. And that while you only pay for the hours actually worked and therefore not for the extra fixed costs such as pension and travel costs.

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