Hire Amazon Virtual Assistant for Dropshipping

Hire Amazon Virtual Assistant for Dropshipping

If you are a new businessman and thinking it is easy to listing the items and having a third party ship the products directly to the customer. Well, it is not so easy, you will be nervous as your business starts to grow but let me ensure you, We will do our best to help you. We will help you with all aspects of dropshipping. So it’s the time for hiring a Virtual Assistant for dropshipping.

Here are the 11 eCommerce Virtual Assistants that are required for dropshipping:

1- Product Sourcer/Researcher

This is the first step you need to do for selling your product for your dropshipping business. You need some good products for the sale, so you can make your business grow. To start you have to find suppliers and need to form a drop-ship relationship.

I’m going to tell you about this article, within 3 months of starting a business for researching new products, You need to create a systemized process like google docs. After this, you can hire a well-educated product researcher that will fulfill your expectation.

2-Supplier Outreach Specialist

Now you need to contact the suppliers, your motto is to create a strong relationship with the suppliers for increasing overall sales by selling the product.

A person who has experience in the dropshipping business model that people have the ability to become a supplier outreach specialist.

3-Drop Ship Supplier Set-Up Assistant

These virtual assistant collects all information about suppliers so that you can reach them in the future easily when you needed.

Here are some of the details that the virtual assistant is going to be responsible for collecting:
  • Contact information
  • Distribution agreement
This agreement allowed you to sell online product and you are allowed to market:
  • Pricing for the products
  • All product information, details, images, and videos
  • Customer service information
This information tells you how to handle poorly package product, how to setup return and what to do when your order is sent on another address:
  • Inventory information
This information tells us  how to stay up to date with inventory levels of products:
  • Order and tracking

It tells the way to submit an order and get tracking.


4- Product Manager

The product manager is the eCommerce virtual assistant for dropshipping that is responsible for taking the information provided by the Supplier Setup Assistant and organizing it into your company’s standard template. So that the products can be easily listed. The Product Manager is the eCommerce virtual assistant that makes sure that all of your product data is organized for each supplier that you work with. Without product manager virtual assistant this all the things will mess madly.


5- Product Lister and Copywriter

Product lister and Copywrite organized data is created by the product manager and list it on online store form. The product lister is an eCommerce virtual assistant who is well skilled in the listing product. Before hiring someone, make sure that they have experienced in listing or not.


6- Social Media Manager/Digital Marketer

Social media manager or digital media marketer is the next one whom you need in your team as a Virtual Assistant. This Virtual Assistant will help in driving more traffic to your products and it will help in increasing sales for the products.

Our VA will follow endless marketing strategies unless getting more sales it is up to explore those options unless you get the best.


7- Order Fulfillment Specialist

One of the major problems in dropping shipping online when having too many orders. You need to hire a virtual assistant who has a specialization in order to fulfillment in dropshipping.

This order fulfillment specialist virtual assistant will organize your order send details to suppliers to get the specific report of product that you are working.

The supplier will accept the product info, and he will inform you the product is ready for shipment and this information will be sent to the customer by order fulfillment specialist that your order is on the way.


8- Tracking Manager

The tracking manager is a super important person in the dropshipping equation who has a responsibility to provide order location to the customer.

After submitting all of the orders, it is very important to follow up customer and l update your customers about the tracking information.

The problem arises when the customer cannot track their order. The customer wants its location. If it is not provided, the customer can deny the order and he can give negative feedback, So it is one of the major issue of dropshipping.

No longer you have to face an issue, the solution is hiring a tracking manager. This issue will not generate as long as you have tracking manager this tracking manager virtual assistant will communicate with other order fulfillment specialist that don’t have tracking information.

Then after submission of orders, they will ask tracking information from the suppliers then upload it to the order so that it is sent to the customer.

9- Customer Service Representative:

After tracking, the Manager sends the tracking information to the customer service representative to make sure that the customer is satisfied and happy with their product purchase.


The responsibility of the Customer Service Representative is followed:

They watch tracking information of the product when it reaches the customer and they make sure from a customer that the customer is happy with the product or not?

Requesting positive feedback:

If it is found that the customer is happy and satisfied with the purchase the customer service may request positive feedback on the product.

Answering customer questions and inquiries:

Most of the customers have a lot of queries and confusion regarding the product before purchasing so the responsibility of customer service representatives to handle the question and make them satisfy with their answer and push them to buy the product.

Handling returns, cancellations, and exchanges:

Handling return cancellation and exchange is a common issue in online business. So if this situation comes, then it is the responsibility of the customer service representatives to ensure that the product is handed smoothly.


10- Email Campaign Manager

If a customer has completed purchase gets his order and happy with the order now it is the need to work to push the customer for again purchasing.

The responsibility is to make sure that your customer has not forgotten about your business. They are in touch with your product and offer which you are offering.

If you will hire an experienced email campaigner manager they will directly speak to the customer and make them ready to buy more purchases.


11- Conversion Rate Optimizer

Now finally you need a Virtual Assistant in your team that is able to covert as many customers as possible. if you are selling your own website then you are going to focused on driving more traffic to your site maybe you are able to drive 1000 users to your site every day but if it is not converted at a high level it is worthless traffic when you have a conversation you need to focus consistently a number you have.

  1. Converting traffic to add to cart.
  2. Converting add to cart to check out.
  3. Converting check out to making a payment.

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