Hiring a Virtual Assistant For e-Commerce

Are you handling online eCommerce business alone? Really, none can understand the pain of the owner who does his entire works himself. We understand your worry and pain. We know that In spite of investing plenty of time for your work, You are not getting success as you expect. And the time which is for your family is being consumed in doing the other’s business activity. Am I right?  No worry, Hiring a virtual assistant for eCommerce will make your business grow and it can save time for your family.

Today in this article, I am going to tell you, how can you grow your business without investing the time? And how can you save time for your family and other core business activity? The solution for every problem is only one that is hiring a virtual assistant for the eCommerce business.

Let me tell you Types of Virtual Assistants which are classified according to their specialty:

1- Dropshipping with Amazon, Shopify

What do you think, listing items and having the third party ship the product directly to the customer seems to be easy? Well, it is not an easy task but we have made it easy with the help of our skilled virtual assistant.

Surely, you will get nervous as your business starts growing. There will be endless work for you from the listing item to the researching market place. For this, you need an extra pair of hands to help and it is the best time for hiring a virtual assistant for dropshipping with Amazon and Shopify.

How to hire an eCommerce virtual assistant:

1- Look for your requirement:

If you are thinking to hire a virtual assistant, you need to think about what is your actual need and accordingly, you should hire a virtual assistant that is specialized for your requirements.

2- Write your job description:

Write a job description explaining your requirements. For example how many years of work experience do you want? What are the skills you need in an e-commerce virtual assistant? How many hours in a day, do you require from  Virtual assistant? These are the thing you need to explain in your job description.

3- Come up with your budget:

Now the most important is the budget. You are required to know yourself. How much you can afford. Generally, a Virtual assistant takes money per hours but some others take according to the task you delegate them.

4- Start your search:

Start the search for a virtual assistant in your network. Another way of hiring a virtual assistant is a reference. You may ask another business owner to recommend a virtual assistant.

5- Screening candidates:

When you get a list of candidates who are willing to join. Then, you need to select from them according to your requirements. Look at their experience and their qualification and their fitness to do work. You need to take face to face interviews to see, if it’s a good match or not?

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2- Digital Marketing virtual assistant:

This virtual assistant plays an important role in your business growth. They help in preparing a strategy and write content for you. They help in finding an effective quotation, engaging questions, making image and so on. We have a very skilled and experienced virtual assistant that can popular the glorify your company through digital marketing. They are adept at some tips and tricks in digital marketing and they know to use some tools for a successful marketing strategy.

3- Web Designer/Developer:

If you are an eCommerce businessman then the web designer/developer is the first virtual assistant you need to hire. Because the website is the main door of your brand. If the customer finds it is fine they entered and buy some things but if the customer finds the gate is not fine then he can pull his legs back. The skilled and professional web designer is required to hire for making your website in a professional and attractive way. They will integrate different applications that will make store transactions for both of you and customers.

4- Product research and Listing Assistant on Amazon and eBay:

Listing of products is a very necessary part of influencing the buying decision of the customer. The product title should be optimized and listed accordingly for catching the buyer’s attention.

It is very time-consuming for uploading titles, assigning prices and downloading the barcodes and labels that can be a delegate to the product listing virtual assistants. The product listing virtual assistant is capable of listing your product through multiple channels and grab the attention of buyers.

5- Fulfillment Specialist:

Selling on Amazon requires management for all orders. Fulfillment Specialist is responsible for managing orders and they make sure that the right product reaches the right customer. And they arrived safely in time or not.

 6- Product Image Editing with Photoshop specialist:

It is said that a photo speaks thousand of words itself. Photo of product in online selling is the most important part of product selling. When a buyer visits on your listing. At first sight, 50% of the decision he took instantly. The customer looks at the picture with a different angle and by zooming it. If the picture is attractive and impressive. He may decide to buy the same product.

So a professional photographer and professional photo editor are required to ready a photo that attracts the customer and convinces the customer to buy a product at first impression. The product photo empowers your brand and attracts the buyer to chase the product.  So we provide a virtual assistant basic image editing and retouching.

7- Keyword Research for SEO:

A good keyword is very important for ranking the product on Google at the top. That results in the maximum number of customers reach to the product and it increases the sale of the product. SEO is the person who can choose a proper keyword and help to rank a site on search engines. The role of SEO is to optimize your content and increase traffic on your online website or store.

You can hire a freelance SEO who have the skill to choose relevant keyword according to the digital marketing trends within your industry.

8- Social Media Marketing:

Social media is the backbone of the e-commerce business. Without social media management, your business can not move towards success. It plays a vital role in the growth of an e-commerce business.

Posting blog and article on social media help a lot to grab the attention of social media user to your product or service. You can hire a social media manager who has skills to manage social media for increasing your sales and traffic on your website.

9- Customer Service:

Customer service and customer satisfaction are very necessary for any business. If any of the customers get unsatisfied they will drop negative feedback on your listing which dragged down your sale and tarnish the reputation of your business.

A customer service representative is required to answer queries replying of review and concern on phone call live chat or email.

When you realize you have a requirement of a virtual assistant:

It is a little difficult to tell you about your needs and requirement, still telling you some significant point, when you should hire a virtual assistant?

1- If you are working many hours on a daily basis:

When you are using most of the time in replying to emails and another aspect of business and you don’t have enough time for your family and other pending work. If you get tired doing work continuously then in this condition. You need to hire an eCommerce virtual assistant who will help you in saving your time.

2- If you are losing your customer continuously:

Because of your less time and a busy schedule, you are not replying to your customer on time. This will result in the loss of the customer. Losing the customer is not good for business. You need to hire a virtual assistant who can look after your customer by replying on chat, email and in review and this will help in creating a strong bond with the customer.

3- Spending your time on lower-value tasks:

Being a business owner, if you are spending your time in the lower task. It does not suit you. Thus you need a virtual assistant who can handle lower- value tasks.

4- Doing work unwillingly:

Work is done perfectly when you do it with fun and interest, but if you are doing any of your work without any interest. It will not complete with perfection. So you need to hire a virtual assistant to do that specific work.

hire a Virtual Assistant


Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a very good idea. Being a business owner, if you are doing your smaller task as well as the largest task of the company. The company is not going to grow because a professional is required to do any work with perfect and these perfect work leads to grow your business.

Our services:

We the Renown system is been providing a well expert and experienced virtual assistant for e-commerce for many years. These virtual assistants are offering a very reasonable price. If you want to hire a virtual assistant for the eCommerce business, Dial our toll-free number. Let me ensure you, your all pain will disappear with the effort of the virtual assistant. They will complete your entire task and you will get your time free for your family and other activity to grow your business. We will happy to help you please give a chance to provide you service.

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