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13 Apr

I’m not going to tell you that writing about “Amazon virtual assistant” is the busiest thing I have ever done since I sliced bread. Rather, I’m gonna tell about the topic in brief and talk about relatively related topics in brief. Scaling up an eCommerce business had never been easier with a virtual assistance program. Here, Amazon Virtual Assistant means the virtual assistant is reliable enough to work on your Amazon account to make it marginally profitable.

Introduction to Amazon Virtual Assistant

Amazon Virtual Assistant is the one who is responsible for looking and taking care of your Amazon account. They can be either employed full-time, part-time, on a contract basis, or task basis.

There are many tasks a virtual assistant can do. From content creation to social media management, skills decide the locus of work for an Amazon Virtual Assistant. In this blog post, I’m going to share my personal experience with an Amazon Virtual Assistant.

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Amazon Virtual Assistant: Why them?

I personally believe that each and every member will benefit from the work and knowledge of a VA even if he/she is working a few hours a week. I say, “ your time is valuable, and shouldn’t spend it on some monotonous admin tasks, rather hire a virtual assistant to do such tasks”.

Some say, ‘it’s a time-consuming task to find a virtual assistant’, but I will say, ‘It’s worth your time spent. I’ll guide you to stage multiple Amazon Virtual Assistants on board.

Amazon Virtual Assistant: Functions

As mentioned above, I would suggest any unimportant task to be handled by a VA, to free up your time. The time saved can be utilized to do other productive tasks, other from the business. Just think about the amount of productive work you can do with extra 5 hours per week.

One of the very effective methods to find out the tasks to be given to a VA is: allot yourself with the daily tasks of the business. Then ask yourself a question: ‘Should I be doing this myself?’. If the answer is no, then quickly hire a virtual assistant for the job.

Let us discuss some tasks that an Amazon Virtual Assistant can do.

Product Sourcing

The biggest amount of time spent in listing a product for sale is product sourcing. I would say it is the hardest task to train to a VA but on the other hand, the easiest to outsource with. So,

Question: Whether you will hire a VA for product sourcing or will you do it yourselves?

Comment in the box below.

Customer service

Customer service is just too tight to handle for virtual assistants to fit in. I will suggest not hiring a VA in such a case.

Administrative tasks

This task requires extra attention as a slight mistake in admin tasks and one gotta lose a lot in profit margins. These admin tasks are a set of administrative tasks that do not generate profit. 

However, it may seem a difficult task to get the VA doing the exact tasks you want them to do. For the exact tasks to be done by a VA, he/she should be trained.

Three Virtual assistant hiring tips: Amazon

Before starting the hiring process

A piece of big advice from my side would be: ‘pre-decide what do you want the VA to do’. Be very specific. The following questions should have an answer before starting the hiring process:

  • What sourcing methods are you going to follow?
  • How long do you want them to work?
  • How much is this going to cost you?
  • What software do you need?
  • Do you have capital arrangements to hire people in order?

Before hiring a VA you must know what makes the most of the services you wanna outsource.

Question: From where do you hire eCommerce business VAs (Comment in the box below)?

Tip: Hire from Renown System, to get professionals expert in the job.

Following the three processes, you can hire an Amazon Virtual assistant.

Managing an Amazon virtual assistant

Be accustomed to rituals, festivals, etc. to get a clarity of work atmosphere. You will need the information to run and manage a virtual assistant.

Hoping that this article was in a way helpful to you guys let us end the conversation with a question: What are your views on scaling up with a VA?

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