Virtual assistant service for eBay

If you are managing online business and get tired  from updating and uploading your product on eBay if you are managing yourself let me tell you it is not one man job so if you are looking for growing business you need la support so we are here to provide you solution for 24*7 we are looking to provide you a virtual assistant if you are required our virtual assistants will help you by performing some task such as

Order and Inventory Management

Our virtual assistant love to manage cancellation your order he will collect all the inventory.

Customer Service

The basic thing which required for growth of the business is customer satisfaction our virtual assistant will take care of tracking orders replacement and refund he would not let your customer be unhappy.

Documentation and Reporting

Managing document and report are also an important part of the business if anyone the document would lose ever it will cause a vital problem so our VA take care of your document and report and prepared it in series.


Wheater your product quality is best but if you are not promoting them u cant sale them so our virtual assistant is specialist in the promotion he will promote your business through blogs and social media.

Product and Market Research

Research is very important for any business our virtual assistant will research of your market and tell all the estimate in which you can grow and beat your competitors.