Virtual assistant service for eBay

If you are managing online eBay business and get tired  from updating and uploading your product on eBay.If you are managing yourself let me tell you it is not one man job so if you are looking for growing business you need la support so we are here to provide you solution for 24*7 we are looking to provide you a eBay virtual assistant. If you are required our virtual assistants will help you by performing some task such as:

Order and Inventory Management

Our virtual assistant love to manage cancellation your order he will collect all the inventory.

Customer Service

The basic thing which required for growth of the business is customer satisfaction our virtual assistant will take care of tracking orders replacement and refund he would not let your customer be unhappy.

Documentation and Reporting

Managing document and report are also an important part of the business if anyone the document would lose ever it will cause a vital problem so our VA take care of your document and report and prepared it in series.


Wheater your product quality is best but if you are not promoting them u cant sale them so our virtual assistant is specialist in the promotion he will promote your business through blogs and social media.

Product and Market Research

Research is very important for any business our virtual assistant will research of your market and tell all the estimate in which you can grow and beat your competitors.

How to be a drop shipper for eBay?

if you want to be a drop shipper for eBay. You have to follow these some easy steps to start a drop shipping business.

1: Set up the eBay/PayPal accounts:

These are the two account which can be set up very easily without charging any amount on eBay.

2: Choose good thing to sell on eBay:

After setting up the eBay account you need to spend of some time and need to understand what is the best thing to sell on eBay is.

There are two aspects to understanding which is the best product:

A-You need to understand the competitive intensity and how many products are there in a specified category. We need to know the list of green item in the sold item section. We understand that how many sellers are selling to that product. Know there are few numbers of the seller or maximum number of seller.

Note: (Green item is known as the item which is sold out from the listing whereas red item is those which was unsold item)

B-Then we need to look at the specific looking at products in a specific price range that would provide us a good profit margin

3: International Communication

You need to be perfect in international communication because all supplier doesn’t locate in your country. you will have to communicate with suppliers all over the world which does not cost you more.

4: Office Space is not required

Office space with maintenance is not required. For being a dropshipper you need only a chair, a desk and internet connection. You will be fine working from home. You will be saved from the expenses of electricity water and maintenance.

How to dropship on eBay?

for starting to dropship on eBay simply you have to follow some steps follows

Step 1: Choose a product

Firstly you need to think about the product which you want to sell. is there any product in your mind? if yes, then it is OK. Otherwise  think and search the product by knowing the market need and for targeting market. Selling a high quality of the product is better. Ensure the supplier you decided for your drop shipping will supply high quality of product. It is better to check by taking a sample and check it carefully. Sample will help you to determine the quality of product and you will the real photos of your product.

Step 2: Find a supplier

It is very frustrating to find one seller from thousand of seller. It is very difficult to find best among all. You need to find a good supplier who is trustworthy reliable and attentive to your specific needs.

Step 3: Set up your eBay seller account:

You need to set up your eBay account which is not a tough task. It takes only a minute to fill the detail like seller profile and product description.

You get some useful link and guidelines at the seller information to help you to set up your online business

Step 4: Create your listings

List all of your listings to avoid from relisting. Listing means that product will be available for your customer to browse and purchase, eBay product listing process is quick and simple.

Step 5: Manage and Maintain

This is the most important stage for your drop shipping. Check suppliers regularly that everything is going smoothly or not. Remove products that are out of stock and update listing with new products that are selling hot at that moment.

Customer service and satisfaction are very important to check all the feedback on a regular basis and reply to all the complain immediately. This will create a strong relationship with your customer.

Is drop shipping on eBay profitable?

Of course, it is profitable but you need to select the right niche to choose a product that is selling surely.  Also, you need to select a drop shipper who can fulfill your order they have to fulfill the order in time with the quality

Final words:

I hope that this article will be very helpful to get start eBay without investing money.If you have a query regarding dropshipping on eBay you can contact we will talk to you give your feedback below the comment love to read your comment.