Virtual assistant service for Shopify

Shopify is one of the most growing e-commerce online businesses throughout the world. It has become the most popular e-commerce business. A million sellers, buyers, are happy with the Shopify. They are availing a lot of advantages on the platform of Shopify.  As the time is changing, the world is getting more digital and the people are moving towards the Shopify which has become the substitute of the physical store. If you are handling Shopify online business. Just like a physical store you need a Shopify virtual assistant who can help you by completing a bundle of your tasks and make your business growing.

Who is a virtual assistant?

The virtual assistant is remote employee who doesn’t require your office or any other traditon work place to work. They work remotely for a client on various projects delegate by the client. They work from anywhere in the world with a computer in hand and internet connection reached. Many Companies are delegating their work to the virtual assistant because virtual assistants are time-saving and cost-effective and a specialist in their niche industry.

Who is Shopify Virtual Assistant (VA)?

If you are handling Shopify business. There are a lot of tasks to handle in online Shopify business. For fullfilling these tasks you need some other hands . Hiring a permanent employee cost you more. So instead of hiring a permanent employee, you can delegate your work to a virtual assistant on a contract basis. The Shopify virtual assistants are the employee who takes care of your daily task related to Shopify online business. You can hire them on a project basis, hourly basis or weekly basis.

The task which you can outsource to Shopify Virtual Assistant

There are lots of the task in online Shopify business like listing the product Preparing product feed, prepare images for uploading on the Shopify server and assign on products, watermarking images, creating collections, data entry for products and collections, inventory review reports, order processing.

List of task you need Shopify Virtual Assistants:

1-Dropshipping with Shopify:

Listing products and having a third-party shipper to the product directly to the customer is not an easy task but you can be made it easy by delegating the task to the virtual assistant. By delegating this task to VA. You can save a lot of time for other core business activities.

2- Digital Marketing virtual assistant:

Digital marketing is a very important part of any online e-commerce business including Shopify. Digital marketing required an effective quotation, engaging question and making attractive images and many more. For all these tasks a specialist of digital marketing virtual assistant is required. Digital marketing virtual assistants have some skills and experience that grow your Shopify online by their effective digital marketing.

 3-Web Designer/Developer:

If you are a Shopify businessman then the web designer is the first virtual assistant you need to hire. Web designer virtual assistant can create your website in a very attractive way which helps to grabs the attention of the customer and make them buy the products.

 4-Product Listing Assistant on Shopify:

Listing of products is a very necessary part of influencing the buying decision of the customer. The product title should be optimized and listed accordingly for catching the buyer’s attention. Uploading titles, assigning prices and downloading the barcodes are some task which consumes a lot of time but delegating this work to Shopify virtual assistant can save your time.

5- Fulfillment Specialist:

The fulfill specialist virtual assistant is responsible for managing order and track the product whether it reaches the right customer or not and they ensure that the product arrived with safety or not, and ensure that the product reaches in time or not?

6-Product Image Editing with Photoshop specialist:

Photo plays an important role in making the decision to buy the product or not? The attractive picture tend customer to buy the product.  So for making the attractive photos, product image editor and Photoshop specialist is required to hire.

7-Keyword Research & SEO:

For ranking the product at the top on Google. SEO is the person who knows all the mechanisms to optimize the product. They know how to increase traffic on your online website and for keyword research SEO. You can hire a virtual assistant who is skilled in choosing relevant keywords according to the digital marketing trends within your industry.

8- Social Media Marketing Manager:

Social media plays a very important role in growing any business. There is a lot of task for social media marketing such as posting blogs and articles on social media. This helps in grabbing the attention of social media user to your product in Shopify. You can hire a social media virtual assistant for your Shopify business which help in increasing sales and traffic for your website.

9-Customer Service:

Customer dissatisfaction with your service may result in negative feedback. this result in dragging down sales and tarnish the reputation of your business. So you can hire a customer service virtual assistant who will reply reviews answer query concern on phone call live chat or email.

How to hire the best shopify virtual assistant?

Hiring Shopify freelance is not an easy task. If you want to hire the best virtual assistant. You need to follow few steps given below.

1-Create a Free Up Account:

You need to be a part of the free up network, sign up for a client account for accessing thousands of pre-vetted freelancers as well as the Free-up community.

2-Submit a request for the freelancer you required:

As you logged on to your account. You need to submit your request for Shopify virtual assistant provide a budget and details about the freelancer that you are looking for your requirement. You will get the response within 24 hours according to the match of your requirement.

3-Hire Shopify Virtual Assistants

When you get introduced. You can take an interview for 10 to 15 min to know whether they are perfect for your requirement or not? If you get the perfect one, you can hire them. If you don’t get the perfect request for another and keep requesting until you get a perfect match.

Why only the virtual assistant of the Renown system?

The virtual assistant of the Renown system is an expert and experience in completing all tasks of Shopify. They will do all the assign tasks in a given time. Whatever task you will hand over to our virtual assistant they will complete with honesty and perfectly.For hiring our Shopify virtual assistant. You can contact us on our toll-free number. We are offering our virtual assistant at a very reasonable rate. We take to guarantee your satisfaction. If you will not satisfy with our virtual we will make your refund.


We the Renown system are eminent companies of virtual assistant focused on supporting Shopify. Our VA understands the value of your extremely valuable time. So they are well trained and dedicated to adapt your business goal.

You can delegate some of the tasks to our Shopify virtual assistant they will do with full dedication and honesty.

Listing new product

You can delegate this task to our virtual assistant who is well trained and skilled in listing new products. They will increase productivity by listing the product.

Web developing

The website is the face of your business. you can delegate web designing to the task to our virtual assistant who creates an attractive and impressive website for Shopify business.

Managing social media

Our Shopify virtual assistant manages your social media. Posting blogs and articles helps in attracting the customer and create the brand of your company.

 keyword research

the keyword is a very important part in online business the proper keyword help in ranking the keyword at the top of Google engines and reach the maximum number of the customer. Our Shopify virtual assistant is well skilled in keyword research. They know all the tactics to rank the keyword at the top. You can give him the responsibility of keyword research.

Customer service:

Customer satisfaction is a very necessary part of the online Shopify business. Answering queries, replying concerns are very important things to make satisfy the customer. You can hire our virtual assistant and delegate this task.

Excellent Service

We the Renown system are eminent in providing excellent services of Shopify virtual assistant. We believe in the quality of our service. Our Shopify virtual assistant is fully dedicated to performing the entire task with very honesty. They have the skill to perform many performances our Shopify virtual assistant has specialization in providing some services given below.

  • They provide the service of Research and analysis market for you.
  • They help in Generating sales of your product by using the effective keyword.
  • Give you some more important service such as shipping stocking handling review
  • Our Shopify virtual assistant Manages a refund or return of your product.
  • Our VA has skilled and trained in optimizing keyword and rank it in Google engines.