Avaneesh Mishra
  • Designation: Content Developer
  • Company: Renown System

Team Information

  • City: Noida
  • State: Uttar Pradesh
  • Country: India

I, Avaneesh Mishra, am a content designer and drafter. I’m an intrinsic writer and write purely for increasing website traffic. I specialize in drafting new content for trending or virgin topics. My key specialties are:

  • Content writing and editing: Drafting content and or editing it for a better result in SERPs.
  • Proofreading: Finding out facts in a document through content research.
  • Content analysis: Analysing content using basic tools as SEMrush and GDOC. 
  • Website infotainment: Writing and editing websites for better readability. 
  • Content rewriting: Rewriting content to filter out possible mistakes and make it target oriented.  
  • Content optimization: Increasing features like readability, ‘aimed at target’, originality of the content.
  • Link building: Linking the content to the apt source for better page authority.
  • SEO optimization of content: Optimizing content as per the newest search engine algorithm.
  • Content strategy: Building strategy for content to increase its visibility.
  • Broken link analysis: Analysing content for broken links and finding high authority links to attach to a content.

Writing is in my “bones and blood”. I write to obligate the audience about the information served.