Terms and Conditions

1- Refunds for up to 30 days from purchase:

We the Renown system provides an unconditional refund to customers up to 30 days from the date of purchase. The customer has to give a valid reason for claiming a refund.

2- Refund for 31 – 60 days after the date of purchase:

After 30 days from the purchased date, the refund request will not be accepted normally. You have to give a strong reason for justifying a refund. During the period of 31-60 days the Renown system requires a satisfactory explanation, what is the reason for the refund, and why it is not made earlier.

3- Refund for After 60 days purchase:

Renown system may decide to refund in 60 days after the purchase if it the reason for a refund and If the being delayed is found to be genuine. Days are passed since the purchase of the transaction will be regarded as final. Renown system will decline for granting a refund except in special circumstances.

4- Other reasons for cancellation:

The Renown System has the right to cancel a transaction for the regulation of the credit card industry, banking rules and we are compelled to obey the intellectual property rights court order and law enforcement agencies. A refund may take place for technical problems, chargeback, or any fraudulent transaction which Renown system considered unlawful.

5- Agreement to these terms:

You have required an agreement to our refund policy for selling or purchasing any product on our platform. The policy gets updated from time to time. You should check back from time to time.