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Enterprise and small businesses are more common than ever before, but business owners and their workforce are more demanding than ever. It means that it is critical for you to find and hire the perfect virtual assistant that can assist you with tasks that require sharp, technological intelligence. With talented virtual assistants, you can coordinate your workflow more effectively, ensure that customers have the best experience possible, and keep your costs under control.

A virtual assistant can help with ordering equipment, putting out fires, conducting research, and more. Let’s walk through some types of virtual assistant services.

Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant

Speaking of marketing, there are really three various types: advertising, promotion and general business marketing: A new model of social media marketing is an emerging tool in customer service and marketing.

social media virtual assistant

The benefits of social media to small business owners and consumers can only be achieved through social media marketing. However, many small business owners are either skeptical of social media marketing tools because they believe social media marketing can be confusing, or they believe social media platforms are too easily manipulated to capture unsuspecting customers. Let’s look at the similarities between social media marketing tactics and existing customer service techniques.


In terms of features, social media marketing tools are mostly targeted. The ability to target individual consumers and hyper-personalized messaging is one of the biggest distinguishing features of social media marketing.

Among other features, Social Media Marketing tools include:

Contacts. This allows the user to chat directly with the customer and create customized feeds.

This allows the user to chat directly with the customer and create customized feeds. Presence. This lets the user know whether or not an influencer is online or online at all.

This lets the user know whether or not an influencer is online or online at all activity. This is an invitation tool that lets the user look up the people behind online platforms they are interested in.

These features are used to generate content and to increase engagement.

There are also unique social media marketing features, such as ones that measure a user’s engagement. These social media marketing features are essentially a useful tool for creating better experiences for the consumer.


Although it might seem intuitive that a social media tool would be used for social media marketing or social media marketing tools would be used for social media marketing, there are other third-party tools that are used for social media marketing.

While these third-party social media platforms offer important consumer services, they can often present some value issues. Common reasons for having doubts about social media marketing tools include:

User Interests

Social media platforms are easy to hijack. It is not a difficult task to use accounts that can then send spam messages, spam comments, or send other inappropriate or dangerous comments to users.

Social media platforms are easy to hijack. It is not a difficult task to use accounts that can then send spam messages, spam comments, or send other inappropriate or dangerous comments to users. Social Media marketers need to be extremely vigilant when checking to make sure that their policies are adhered to.

If social media platforms are to be an effective marketing tool for small businesses, they have to verify the legitimacy of account owners.

Evan Hirschman (probability conscious strategist, creative innovator, serial entrepreneur and writer) will be writing about social media marketing under the name Socios and interacting with small business owners, bloggers, and marketers from across the United States to share their views and best practices for using social media. If you’d like to connect and ask questions or get insight into your social media marketing using social media, be sure to follow Evan on Twitter.

eCommerce Virtual Assistant

Conventional metrics in the eCommerce market do not provide the required insight into the strength of a business. Instead, there are only “dollar-level metrics” that only give an indication of how much money was made. Hence, business owners are faced with a crucial issue: how to measure a business’ business after growing large. There are a few popular metrics that can be taken into account when measuring success, in order to understand how a business is performing.

dropshipping business

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction, as the name implies, represents how customers treat a company when purchasing a product. Therefore, the important metric to take into account in measuring the health of a business is its customers’ satisfaction with the services and products it provides. As such, the recommendation for business owners is to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction and create an action plan to improve this value to consumers.

Secondly, the outcomes (products and/or services that the customer finds appealing and convenient) that a business is able to take advantage of to improve the level of customer satisfaction are the key elements to managing and growing the business. Better management of consumer satisfaction can help deliver a superior experience and not only sustain the same consumer satisfaction but also change it for new or older clients. Simply put, better quality and increasing the level of customer satisfaction are the foundation for superior business execution.

Repeat Purchasing

The other important metric to track in an eCommerce business is the volume of purchased goods or services and usage of the products or services. As such, customers can be attracted to browse for more customized and customized goods as well as can be “transact” by simply searching, online, where they can find both pre-sales information and where they can start their shopping. The average frequency of engagement in eCommerce online shopping is also used to measure the health of the business. Because the higher the average frequency of engagement, the more content each customer is going to see, whether it be reviews or product teasers.

Shoppers are exposed to both pre-and post-sale support as they are seeking new options and solutions for the best price and in delivering the best products for their needs. This generally involves downloading recommendations, outbound calls, receiving opt-in emails and more. This mechanism not only helps the retailer show the shopper options for better prices but also to gain an understanding of the customer’s shopping habits and preferences.

The share of shoppers who are browsing has also been one of the key strategies of eCommerce business owners. This is because it helps provide a basic understanding of consumer behavior and strengthens their loyalty as well as shopping behavior. Furthermore, brands can also implement their loyal shoppers as part of their operations to develop customer relationships. For example, retailers can reward loyalty by rewarding loyalty by exposing shoppers to products with lower prices or by becoming valuable sources of communication for those shoppers.

Targeting and Quality Pricing

Understanding specific business strategies to target and the right pricing strategy is also critical in gauging the success of an eCommerce business. First, one’s cost-to-benefit ratio is essential for cost-conscious customers. Especially, to improve the health of the company, a business needs to align the costs associated with products that are desirable to customers. Focus on targeting attractive products such as celebrities, autographs and gifts for that special guest can be the key to improving conversion and retention.

Second, low pricing is another important factor to measure the success of an eCommerce business. Even though discounts can be a counter-intuitive marketing approach, they can boost customer loyalty by making customers feel like the business is helping them be like the VIPs in their own stores.

If all this were not enough, eCommerce businesses have access to dozens of leading metrics to keep up with current trends and changes in the competitive market landscape. However, the best metric to measure the success of an eCommerce business is the number of bookings and customer relationships. The key is to stay ahead of the marketplace by continually innovating the most versatile and customer-focused models in the retail business.

Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

Businesses are always on the lookout for more effective ways to increase the conversion and overall profits of their websites. According to the power marketing study conducted in 2013, the website’s got many things going for them, like traffic, more than 32000,000 unique visitors and more than 31000 unique visitors per day.


Digital marketing services

But, there were other things they lacked that could have got them more profits. One of the common sources was to help potential customers find the business easier. Successful businesses understood that getting more traffic means more and more customers who can get them more sales. A mere increase in the number of visitors isn’t a guarantee that a business is going to make more revenue than before.

That’s where a digital marketing assistant is crucial. Just like a marketer, a digital marketing assistant helps a business owner with how to use a marketer’s tools such as a lot of SEO techniques, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Linked In, etc. An assistant can make it an easy process to apply for more, smarter advertising tools to increase conversions and find more clients.

During the fine extent of the test run, I talked to a number of companies that have already done their digital marketing with us. Some of them wrote on their blog that they would like more help to analyze and manage more clients. This is where the digital marketing assistant comes into play. Let’s take a look at our main website features and how the assistant could help our clients.

Our main feature is a digital marketing assistant, who can handle the various aspects of digital marketing, like:

  1. Driving Google ad clicks
  2. Creating Facebook ads
  3. Hands-free email marketing
  4. Marketing Workshop and Making Profits
  5. Virtual Assistant Functions


We help clients with marketing their products, services and websites and handle tasks like:

  1. Write, create, optimize and manage Facebook ads.
  2. Create and manage many digital marketing channels such as websites, apps, and mobile phone apps.
  3. Create Pinterest and Facebook ads for your brand.
  4. Build and manage the best search engine marketing programs in the world
  5. Answer a myriad of phone calls, emails and client questions.
  6. Investigate existing advertising and marketing programs and identify opportunities for optimization
  7. Explain the effects of digital marketing and help clients figure out how to increase profitability
  8. Handle client demands for new marketing strategies, campaigns, new websites and add new products and services to your promotional plans
  9. Answer and troubleshoot a variety of consumer questions
  10. New customers
  11. Study customer traffic logs and identify new customers
  12. Help with pricing and bids

The agent selected by a client typically represents us as an independent contractor that has made over 40% in the last 12 months. Our managing digital marketing assistant is responsible for developing personalized services that allow clients to customize the operation for their specific needs.

All this can be done through a dedicated, online portal. Also, this agency is certified to work through the certified platform for digital marketing. In fact, we continue to bring this certification year after year because our training stays certified for a long period.

Our digital marketing assistant answers new marketing questions, creates plans, answers customers’ questions, and helps new clients online shopping as well as other ways to improve their digital marketing.

Types of Virtual Assistant Services
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Types of Virtual Assistant Services
A virtual assistant can help with ordering equipment, putting out fires, conducting research, and more. Let’s walk through some types of virtual assistant services.
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