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Would you like to increase your productivity without wasting time or money?

Increase the revenue of your Walmart store by hiring our professionally qualified and highly skillful Virtual Assistants.

Hire Our Walmart Virtual Assistants:

Sell more to get a higher commission.

If you are overwhelmed with work linked to managing your Walmart Dropshipping Store and cannot find ample time to explore your company’s strategic goals, we have the optimal solution for you.

With over a decade of expertise, we assure tangible company development from the point our tech-savvy Virtual Assistants begin working on your Walmart Dropshipping Store.

Our services encompass the whole Walmart drop-shipping process. We value brand reputation by cultivating a loyal consumer base that repurchases items on a routine basis.


Our experienced team of qualified Walmart technical specialists can perform the following tasks:

Walmart online business

Store Framework & Management

Walmart Store Layout

Fill out the relevant forms for your business particulars, shipping, tax and return policy.

Submit the proof of authentication to Walmart.

Authenticate your ownership through a variety of methods for your products.

Supervise the Seller Center Portal.

Fill out all the minor details left in the seller central portal to ensure hassle-free management and deliverance.

Master the standards of Walmart price Policy

Avoid goods from being suspended or delisted.

Excel the sellar Scoreboard

Ensure excellent store performance.

Product Analysis

Identify Products

We evaluate future demand for the product and its marketability to reap higher profits.

Earn profits with vocation marketing

Promote yourself as a market specialist while avoiding oversaturated segments.

Rank the product

SEO and Substantial Keyword Research are carried out for Walmart’s search Algorithm.

Walmart Buy Box!

We implement ideal pricing strategies. Such pricing includes keystone pricing and psychological pricing.

Trustworthy Suppliers

Supplier consistency is essential. Thus, we evaluate negotiating, supplier management, and communication abilities before selecting the finest.

24/7 Technical Support

Our WordPress customer support is available 24×7. We fix any type of error within 2-4 hours.

Inventory Management

Ensuring that the Product will never go out of stock.

Stay Organized with the help of SKU

Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) are unique numbers provided to each item to simplify inventory management and delivery fulfillment.


Maintain accuracy with the inventory.

Group Variation

Supervise Walmart items with various qualities such as color, size, and material.

Product Demand

Forecasting Future demand of the product in order to run out of stock.

Product Tracking

Avoid fulfillment problems such as expiry date stock levels or overselling.

Walmart automation dropshipping

Tracking updates and Automated shipping after the item is fulfilled by the supplier.

Order Fulfillment

24/7 Process Orders

Process orders all around the clock every day

To begin with, new client orders are instantly directed to a supplier.


The fulfillment needs to be cost-effective with proper management.

Shipment rate deliverables on-time

Almost no Fulfillment Lag Time will offer you a good seller score.

Order Defect rate less than 2%

Make sure that orders are not canceled due to late delivery and defective products.

Product tracking

Product journey needs to be tracked from order confirmation to successful fulfillment.

Refunds, returns and exchanges must be handled professionally.

Customer satisfaction is our top-most priority.

Decreased return-rates

Reduced return rates to avoid a decline in product rating.

Tools & Softwares

We employ computer software and tools to increase productivity.

Microsoft Office Applications, Google Apps (Gmail, Docs, G-Drive, Sheets, Calendar)

Product Research Tools – AMZScout, Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Google Trends and Keepa Graph Extensions.

In addition to this, we are available to listen to your specific needs and guarantee that any additional Walmart Seller duty you want gets completed. Regardless of how difficult it may be to believe, Virtual Assistants are capable of doing all of the responsibilities listed above.

So put your confidence in us and allow our skilled Walmart VA staff to handle all of your time-consuming and monotonous jobs. Simply sit back and watch as your company grows and exceeds its competition. Contact us now to discuss your Walmart business and see how a Virtual Assistant from Renown System may revolutionize your company and boost your sales performance to new heights.

We are a US-based eCommerce virtual assistant service provider focused on supporting eCommerce, Marketing, Walmart Dropshipping.

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