Why a Virtual Assistant is not for you?

Virtual assistance is a wonderful solution for many entrepreneurs, but it is certainly not for every entrepreneur.

We explain when a virtual assistant is not for you:

You Are Not Aware That There Are Different Vas 

In the field of Virtual Assistance, you have 2 types of movements. The first is a Virtual Professional which is very versatile. We also call this a GVA(General Virtual Assistant). These are often professionals who have a secretarial background with regard to the support of members of the management or who were responsible for office management. The second option is an SVA (Specialized Virtual Assistant). These are professionals with very specific knowledge of, for example, Social media management, Writing blogs, WordPress or Design.

You Think You Can Outsource Everything to Your VA 

Unfortunately, this is not the case. A Virtual Professional can do a lot of work for entrepreneurs, but as an entrepreneur, you have to keep in mind that you are often one of the customers and that a VA cannot be fully aware of everything that takes place in your specific business sector. The VA will never have the expertise that you already have as an entrepreneur. The longer you work together, the more a VA, of course, knows about your industry.

A Virtual Assistant Must Immediately Cope with The Crowds 

Many entrepreneurs call in help too late and start already with a huge backlog on their task list/mailbox when they hire a Virtual Assistant. Because results must be achieved quickly, various tasks are outsourced immediately, the pressure is high immediately. Just like with employees at the office, questions will arise at the beginning about the execution of the task. Because of this, there is sometimes frustration from the entrepreneur because he gets the feeling that it is faster when he/she does it himself. It is important to realize that the more time you invest in the relationship with your Virtual Assistant, the more returns you will get from this.

You Think in Tasks Instead of Roles

This is a very common issue. The entrepreneur contacts us and indicates that a certain task must be done. In many cases this can be done, however, it is much more efficient to think in terms of roles and to find a professional who can perform all tasks within that role. For example, it is much easier to have a Social media expert who thinks along with you in the campaigns than just posting a preset post at a specific time. You get much more out of this.

You Do Not Have A Clear Overview of What A Virtual Professional Can Do for You

This is in line with the above point but then more in-depth. Before you start a trajectory with a Virtual Professional you first need to be very clear about what tasks you want to outsource. This will have to be very specific to you since you will also have to deal with a training period of your Virtual professional. The better you understand this, the shorter the training period will be.

You Have No Clear Expectations 

This point may sound strange, but it is very important. When we ask entrepreneurs what their expectations are, we are often told: “That the work is done quickly and without error”. That is a good starting point but these are only 2 variables in a much larger whole. Consider, for example, how you want to measure progress, what do you expect from the response time for business, how do you want to be reported and what if something does not meet the expectations you have of the service provided.

You Doubt That It Costs More Than It Yields 

Outsourcing work uses the talents that other professionals have and who can help you as an entrepreneur with the development, management or growth of your company. This always involves the right person for the role and task and not just what it costs. When you as an entrepreneur also invest time in the collaboration.

You Need Immediate Feedback 

Many Virtual professionals are so-called “digital nomads” and can carry out their work all over the world and this is often the case even though they say that they are simply available in the Netherlands. A popular destination to work from is, for example, Bali. All of this is of course not a problem when you have work that is not in a hurry, but in many cases, you expect a response from your remote team within the same working hours that you work as an entrepreneur. If you need a quick response, make sure that your Virtual Professional also works from the Netherlands.


Are you aware of the above points and is this in line with the expectations of Virtual Assistance? That’s nice then you can get started.

Virtual Support can help you with this. We offer remote assistance to entrepreneurs. In this way, employees can use their time more efficiently and work on more important tasks. Knowing more? Then please contact us.

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